Church Chair
Extending the Life of Your Church Chair

It is easy to forget about something as commonplace as a chair. But given the consistent rotation each week, chairs are used more than any other single piece of furniture in a church, producing inevitable wear and tear over time. Worn out chairs are detrimental to both the church’s appearance and the patrons’ comfort; however, replacing these chairs can be both time-consuming and costly. Buying a quality product from a reliable company, combined with proper care and maintenance, can lengthen the life of a church chair, saving money for other needs.

The battle on wear and tear often begins with the initial purchase. It is important to keep in mind the durability and potential life of a product when shopping for the right fit. All the maintenance and care in the world will only marginally enhance a low quality chair.

One aspect to take notice of is the cushion foam quality in a chair which you can gauge through the density in pounds per cubic foot. Seat cushions of 1 to 1.5 pound density foam will wear out quickly. Seats with cushions at or above 2 pound density are more likely to last longer and add value to your purchase.

You can measure durability in steel framed chairs by looking at the gauge number. A lower gauge number means thicker metal. Frame size in either tube diameter or width should be taken into account as well. A larger tube makes a stronger frame. You can also look at the weight rating for a better idea of how the frame will maintain over time.

After your purchase periodically vacuuming the chairs will help keep them looking new. Stain-resistant polyolefin fibers are now common in the industry. Long-wearing polyolefin fabrics help to protect against stains.

Take care when storing or moving stackable chairs so as not to tear material or chip away the finish. Bolts in the frame of chairs may begin to come loose after repeated use, so it is important to regularly make sure they are tightened. Some church chair manufacturers will have suggestions on how to keep them in top condition over the life of your purchase.

Arming yourself with knowledge of the factors that play into the longevity of a chair can only benefit a church and save money over the course of time. With a quality purchase and proper care and maintenance, you can keep your church chairs in top condition for years to come.